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About Kayo + our community of local business owners
We know what it’s like to run a local business - that’s why you’ll talk to a real US-based person when you call us.
Florist checking the status of her delivery vehicle on the go with the Kayo app.

We’re here to help drive your business forward

Kayo’s small team has dealt with the same challenges you face in business: you’re wearing all the hats, and everything is your responsibility.

It seemed silly that the only options to track vehicles were complicated and expensive enterprise options or pencil and paper.

That’s why we started Kayo in Atlanta, GA- to make vehicle management easy and affordable no matter how few vehicles you have.

Who Can Use Kayo?

Here are just a few examples of businesses that love using Kayo for their small fleet.
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  • Florists
  • Meal delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Bakeries
  • Equipment delivery
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Transportation Businesses
  • Local taxi businesses
  • Airport drivers
  • Local tourism drivers
  • Equipment transport
  • Merchandise pickup and transport
  • Party buses, limos, or chauffeurs
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  • In-home massage or beauty services
  • Local elder or medical care services
  • Contractors, home services, or builders
  • Housekeeping businesses
  • Local landscapers
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  • Local film crews or grip vans
  • Event supplies and equipment
  • Event shuttle services
  • Local entertainers
  • Catering businesses
Kayo works great for businesses in the USA
with 1-50 vehicles
made after 1996.

Don’t let down and missing vehicles keep you from serving your community well.

Try Kayo risk-free to keep all your vehicle and driver updates on hand.